Check Out Star Wars: The Untold Stories


photo by Filomena Quinnell

The Second Life  performance group “The Monarchs” will be doing their final performance of  “Star Wars: The Untold Stories” on Saturday, August 27, at 3 PM SLT.

This will be your last chance to check out a sim wide performance that is really unique and creative. The event webpage describes the performance as follows:”Star Wars: Untold Stories is a sim-wide mega-show where you will be flown from planet to planet, and entertained by extravagant dance spectaculars that feature highly detailed sets, elaborate costumes, electrifying choreography, and magical special effects, all set to exciting music.”

The presentation is a project created through a land grant given by The Linden endowment for the Arts program. I am a big supporter ( and sometimes critic) of the endowment. The  event features some amazing builds created by Diiar Vader and Royal Shippe. The dancing and particle lighting is highly choreographed by Vader, Shippe and  Babypea Von and SexyS Quintessa.

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you will find some of the creative designs and artistry very entertaining. Everyone is encouraged to keep their script count low and, if you want, feel free to dress in character for the occasion.


photo by Filomena Quinnell





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