Fetish Fair 2016 is underway


I could not manage to get in to Collabor88, so a little devil in me decided to check out the Fetish Fair 2016 instead. I am glad I did! The fair is huge this year. (Or, as Trump would say, it is “Hyuuuuge”.)

This year’s fair runs from August 19 through September 2. A lot of great designers are on hand including some of my favorites like SYS, Earth Stones, DURA, Insanya and more. The mask I am wearing is by SYS and I love the work that went into it. Look at the detail of the leather and rubber! It comes in four colors and has a styling HUD for added customizing. I am wearing the Alex mesh head from LOGO and the mask fit my head with no adjustment required.

If you are looking to shop, be a bit daring and check out the Fetish Fair while it is still going on. You will be glad you did.



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