Wander into a painting at Ceakay Ballyhoo’s “A Watercolour Wander”


It is always a treat to find a new sim or location to visit in Second Life. Often, I will simply open my map and skip around some of the Linden Endowment for the Arts locations on the map and see what I can find. It can be hit and miss, but I recently found a location that I thought was very unique and a great take on landscaping in Second Life. Imagine stepping into a watercolor painting and going for a walk. That is exactly what artist Ceakay Ballyhoo, better known as CK, has created at A Watercolour Wander.

CK shares my love for landscaping. She is also a watercolor artist in real life and her LEA project is the result of trying to bring the two things together.

“I love the immersive nature of SL and am thoroughly enjoying landscaping and decorating in here,” said CK. “When I started to play with making my own textures and realized I could paint watercolors, I was instantly reminded of my love for the book Rose Madder, and the movie What Dreams May Come, both dealing with ‘entering’ paintings and seeing the world beyond. So that’s what I wanted to try and create. The sensation of walking into a painting.”watercolorwander2

In an endeavor that took approximately five months, CK has created a unique setting where, from any direction, you are standing inside a painting. She takes it a step further by adding a story to each of the “panels” that you walk through while exploring the sim. If you visit, don’t rush. Take time to read the stories and take a pause inside each setting. If you take your time, the setting can be very immersive and relaxing.

The sim is part of LEA12, and it is great to see Linden Lab still supporting some artistic efforts with their endowment. Personally, I would like to see them do more, but that is a rant for another day. CK said that the experience of working with the endowment was a positive experience.

“It has been great so far,” she said. “They assign someone to you for any questions you might have and offer to assist in any way they can.”

Give yourself a moment and take time to visit A Watercolour Wander soon.




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