Oh Snap! LL is testing a snapshot addition to your outfit folder


outfitfolder fullshotWhile everyone is obviously excited about Linden Lab’s Project Bing which will improve the avatar skeleton, another project is sneaking in that I think is just as exciting.

Currently, if you check out the list of official alternate LL viewers, you can find the Project VOB Viewer. This viewer includes a great new feature I have been wishing for LL to add to appearance folder blogtheir viewer for years. If you are like me, your appearance folder is full to the brim of different outfits you have saved. I have tried various naming systems, but still always end up with a few folders that I am not sure what outfit I have saved inside.

With this new feature, we can attach a picture to each outfit folder, so we can see EXACTLY what outfit is inside! Pretty cool, right? Even better, the designers at LL have made the process very simple. If you look at my Appearance Folder in the photo, you will see I have selected to view “Outfit Gallery”. This breaks each outfit folder into a large folder icon. You simply take a snapshot of the outfit you have saved inside that folder and TADA! You can now add an image of the outfit to that folder icon, giving you a visual representation of all your outfits. The folder’s menu let’s you add an existing image, or you can simply select “take snapshot” from the menu and you instantly have a snapshot for your folder. You are charged 10L per snapshot, so be aware of that.

You can try the VOB viewer now, but remember, it is a test viewer and is not even considered a beta release, so expect a few bugs. If it becomes a part of the official viewer code, I can see myself using this feature quite a bit. How about you? Is this a feature that you will find helpful in your Second Life?


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