Welcome to Virtual Karma. Take some time and look around at this new blog. I begin this endeavor with the hope that I can offer a fresh approach to discussing what is going on in both Second Life and the virtual world in general. It is a technical blog, but it isn’t. It is a photography blog, but it isn’t. It is a tutorial blog, but it isn’t. It is a place for me and others to rant and rave, but it isn’t.

Virtual Karma is for the naturally curious like me. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of Second Life, as well as all the creative aspects of virtual reality in general. We’ll be discussing  photography, music, design and much more. I am just geeky enough to beleive that VR is going to play a big roll in everyone’s future. I will also want to mention and promote some cool places that you should check out. I want to share. I plan to seek out those people in the virtual world that I think make things interesting, and hopefully we’ll get to know them together. I plan to keep it simple.

I am here mainly because of a natural curiosity that makes me an annoyance to most of my friends, but also let’s me share a wide range of information with others. However, be warned. I stipulate up front that I typically know just enough about any subject to be a danger to myself and others. I promise you, it will not be dull around here! I also cuss a lot.

Everyone can use some good karma once in a while, so sit back, get comfortable and let’s have a conversation.





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